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Department of Information Technology


Initially started as Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (IIITM) in 1997, this institute was prefixed with ABV in 2002 to honour the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. As part of organizational restructuring process, in August 2022 four departments were carved out and Information Technology (IT) is one among those. Department of IT is housed in Block-A with adequate facilities to cater the needs of all its stakeholders.            

                  The current information age is enabled by the interconnection of millions of electronic computers (desktop, laptop computers and sophisticated mobile phones, embedded devices etc.) and is the key driver for the global economy. Information digitization revolutionized the way information can be used in a decentralized manner at varying scale and variety of purposes for the societal good. This resulted in the emergence of several service and product-oriented IT industries employing millions of manpower drawn from different disciplines of engineering, technology, economics, sciences, management etc. to develop and maintain the IT infrastructure and applications. This branch of technology is thus become an indispensable arm of society that primarily deals with:

  • Maintaining, troubleshooting of the interconnected computing machinery
  • Development of software applications that run over the networked systems
  • Maintenance of software systems for a glitch free operation
  • Research on various IT systems and applications towards sophisticated IT systems
  • Wireless communication and networks
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