Dr. Vinal Patel

Dr. Vinal Patel

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department: Electrical / Electronics

Honour: Ph.D. (IIT Gandhinagar), Post-Doc (ISVR, University of Southampton, UK)

Area of Interest: Adaptive Signal Processing, Active Noise Control, Hearing Aid Design, Digital Image Processing, Array Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Neural Network.

Office Phone : +91-751-2449818

Address: F Block -215, ABV-IIITM, Morena Link Road, Gwalior-474015 (M.P.)

Email: vp@iiitm.ac.in


 Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior, Feb. 2019 to present.

Research Fellow, Institute of Sound and Vibration (ISVR), University of Southampton, United Kingdom, Feb. 2018 to Feb. 2019.

Academic Credentials

Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, 2018.

M.Tech.: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, 2013.

B.E.: Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, 2010.


Funded Research Project:

1. On-going from Dec 2019: Start-up Research Grant (SRG) from SERB for the project entitled "Assistive Learning Device for Children with Hearing Loss", PI. 

2. On-going from April-2022: Funded by TIIC, ABV-IIITM Gwalior, for the project "Design of NextGen Hearing Aids", PI.                                                                                                   
3. On-going from April-2022:  TIIC, ABV-IIITM Gwalior, for the project, "AUTOEMR: An AI-based System for Generating Structured Medical Information", Co-PI.

List of Journals:

1. Vinal Patel, Sankha Bhattacharjee, Nithin V. George“A Family of Logarithmic Hyperbolic Cosine Spline Nonlinear Adaptive Filters”, Applied Acoustics [Accepted, in-press-2021].

2. Vinal Patel, Sankha Bhattacharjee, Nithin V. George “Convergence analysis of adaptive exponential functional link network”, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Vol. 32, No. 2, pp. 882-891, 2021.

3. Vinal Patel, Jordan Cheer, & Simone Fontana, "Design and implementation of an active noise control headphone with directional hear-through capability", IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics,  66, no. 1, pp. 32-40, Feb. 2020.

4. Vinal Patel, Nithin V. George, "Multi-channel spline adaptive filters for non-linear active noise control", Applied Acoustics, Volume 161, pp.107142, 2020.

5. Jordan Cheer, Vinal Patel, and Simone Fontana, "The application of a multi-reference control strategy to noise-cancelling headphones", The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol. 145, no.5, pp: 3095-3103, 2019.

6. Poonam Pandey, Vinal Patel, Nithin V. George, and Sairam S. Mallajosyula, "KELMCPPpred: Kernel Extreme Learning Machine Based Prediction Model for Cell-Penetrating Peptides", Journal of Proteome Research, 17 (9), pp. 3214–3222, 2018.

7. Somanath Pradhan, Vinal Patel, Dipen Somani, and Nithin V. George, "An Improved Proportionate Delayless Multiband-Structured Subband Adaptive Feedback Canceller for Digital Hearing Aids", IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, Vol. 25, no. 8, pp. 1633-1643, Aug. 2017.

8. Milan Rathod, Vinal Pateland Nithin V. George., "Generalized spline nonlinear adaptive filters", Expert Systems with Applications, 83 (2017): 122-130.

9. Somanath Pradhan, Vinal Patel, Kashyap Patel, Jyoti Maheshwari, and Nithin V. George, "Acoustic feedback cancellation in digital hearing aids: A sparse adaptive filtering approach", Applied Acoustics, 122 (2017): 138 145.

10. Vinal Patel, Jordan Cheer and Nithin V. George, "Modified Phase-Scheduled-Command FxLMS Algorithm for Active Sound Profiling", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, vol. 25, no. 9, pp. 1799-1808, Sept. 2017.

11. Vinal Patel, Vaibhav Gandhi, Shashank Heda and Nithin V. George, "On the Design of Adaptive Exponential Functional Link Network-based Nonlinear Filters", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, Vol. 63, no. 9, pp.1434 - 1442, 2016.

12. Vinal Pateland Nithin V. George, "Compensating acoustic feedback in feed-forward active noise control systems using spline adaptive filters," Signal Processing, 120 (2016):448-455.

13. Vinal Patel, and Nithin V. George, "Nonlinear active noise control using spline adaptive filters", Applied Acoustics, 93 (2015): 38-43.


 List of International Conferences:

1. Vinal Patel, Danilo Comminiello, Michele Scarpiniti, Nithin V George and Aurelio Uncini, "Design of hybrid nonlinear spline adaptive filters for active noise control," in Proc. of 2016 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Vancouver, Canada, 2016.

2. Vinal Patel, and Nithin V. George, "Partial update even mirror Fourier non-linear filters for active noise control," in Proc. of 23rd European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Nice, France, 2015.

3. Vinal Patel, and Nithin V. George, "Design of dynamic linear-in-the-parameters nonlinear filters for active noise control," in Proc. of 24th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Budapest, Hungary, 2016.

4. Vinal Patel, Somanath Pradhan, and Nithin V. George, "Collaborative Adaptive Exponential Linear-in-the-parameters Nonlinear Filters," in Proc. of 25th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Kos Island, Greece, 2017.

5. Vinal Patel, and Nithin V. George, "Design of fractional order non-linear active noise control systems," in Proc. of 23rd International congress on sound and vibration (ICSV), Greece, Athens, 2016.

6. Somanath Pradhan, Sankha Bhattacharjee, Vinal Patel, and Nithin V. George, "Speech enhancement in digital hearing aids: an active noise control approach," in Proc. of 24th International congress on sound and vibration (ICSV), London, UK, 2017.

7. Raj Shah, Sandeep Reddy, Vinal Patel, and Nithin V. George, "Improving convergence in finite word length nonlinear active noise control systems," in Proc. of 20th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Singapore, 2015.

8. Nisarg Shah, Akshay Pngale, Vinal Patel and Nithin V. George, "An adaptive background subtraction scheme for video surveillance systems," Proc. 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT), Bilbao, Spain, 2017.


1. Somanath Pradhan, Vinal Patel and Nithin V. George, "A SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FEEDBACK CANCELLATION IN DIGITAL HEARING DEVICES," Indian Provisional Patent application number 201621010611 [Filed].

2. Somanath Pradhan, Vinal Patel and Nithin V. George, "IMPROVED SUBBAND FEEDBACK CANCELLATION IN ASSISTIVE LEARNING DEVICES," Indian Provisional Patent application number 201721017009 [Filed].

Scopus Author ID: 56506245500
Orcid ID: 0000-0001-8804-5665


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