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शैक्षणिक कैलेंडर 2019

Academic Calendar: II Semester (January 2019 - July 2019)

Events Date(s)
Registration for II semester BTech, IPG, MBA, MTech & PhD Jan 4 (Fri)
Classes Begin Jan 7 (Mon)
Last date for Late Registration for all students B.Tech ,IPG, MBA, &M Tech & Ph.D(with Rs.2000/-fine) Jan 14 (Mon)
“No Registration will be entertained after January 14, 2019”
Foundation Day of ABV-IIITM Gwalior Jan 17 (Thu)
Last Date of Course Add/Drop for the Semester Jan 18 (Fri)
Minor Test I Jan 29( Tue)-Feb 1(Fri)
GATE Examination ** Feb 2-3 & 9-10 (Sun)*
Infotsav Feb 8-9 (Fri, Sat) #
Last date for Return of Corrected answer sheets of Minor Test I Feb 12(Tue)
Last date for Submission of Minor Test - I Marks to Academic Section (Hard Copy) Feb 15(Fri)
Class Committee meeting and Mid Term Feedback Feb 19(Tue)
Mid-term Evaluation of (IPG/PG [MTech/MBA]) Projects ## Mar 5 (Tue) – Mar 8(Fri)
Minor Test II                       Mar 12(Tue)  – Mar 15(Fri)
Submission of Mid-Term IPG/PG [M. Tech/MBA Projects] Evaluation Marks of Major Projects to Mar 15 (Fri)
Academic Section
Mid Term Break  Mar 18 (Mon)- Mar 22(Fri)
Last Date for Return of Corrected Answer sheets of Minor Test II                     Mar 25 (Mon)
Re-Minor Test –I &II (For the students on genuine/medical ground(s)/approved by the Competent Authority, as per Institute Norms)                       Mar 25(Mon)-Mar 26(Tue)
Last date for Submission of Minor Test –II, Re-Minor I &II Marks to Academic Section (Hard copy)        Apr 05 (Fri)
Laboratory Practical Examinations (For the applicable subjects) Apr 15 (Mon)–Apr 18(Thu)
Collection of Final Feedback Forms Apr 24(Wed)–Apr 26(Fri)
Display of Pre-Major Marks Apr 25(Thu)
End of Classes Apr 26(Fri)
Submission of Pre-Major marks to Academic Section (Hard Copy) Apr 26Fri)
Major Examination May 1(Wed) – May 9(Thu)
Re-Major Examination (For the students on genuine/medical ground(s)/approved by the Competent May 10(Fri)--May 11 (Sat)
Authority, as per Institute Norms)  
End-Semester Evaluation of (BTech,IPG /PG [MTech/MBA]) Projects $$ May 13 (Mon)--May 15 (Wed)
Summer Training begins / Registration of B. Tech Project Semester May 15(Wed)
Submission of Grades of all subjects including Major Projects to Academic Section (Hard copy) May 15 (Wed)
Registration for Summer Semester 2019 (Only for the subjects offered in summer semester)/ Summer projects   May 16(Thu)
Moderation of Grades      May 16(Thu)
Submission of final grades to Academic Section May 17(Fri)
Vacation May 18 (Sat)-July 18 (Thu)
End of Summer Training July 15(Mon)
Registration of New Students BTech,IPG, MBA, M Tech &PhD * tentative July 24(Wed)
Orientation Programme for New Students (B.Tech,IPG, MBA, M Tech, &PhD)/2019 Entry July 25(Thu)
Registration of Old Students B.Tech,IPG, MBA, M Tech and PhD July 25(Thu)
Classes begin Jul 26(Fri)
Late Registration for all students BTech,IPG, MBA, M Tech, &PhD (with Rs.2000/-fine)
No Registration will be entertained after August 2, 2019”
Aug 2 (Fri)
On Saturdays and Sundays between 2nd  - 3rd February 2019 – 9th & 10th February 2019  
## Classes suspended in noon sessions $$ As per terms conditions of Final MTP Evaluation

List of Holidays in II Semester January- July 2019

January: Republic Day: Jan 26 (Sat); : March: Maha Shivratri : Mar 04 (Mon) ; Holi: Mar 21 (Thu); April : Mahavir Jayanti: April 17 (Wed) ; Good Friday: April 19 (Friday) Buddha Purnima : May 18 (Saturday); June: Idu'lFitr : June 05 (Wed)

Dy. Registrar (Academics)
To: All Faculty Members/Registrar/Students/F& A/All Notice Boards


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