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Name                                                                    : Prof. Rajendra Sahu

Designation                                                        : Professor

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Teaching Interests                                           : ERP, Supply Chain Management, Knowledge Management, E-Governance, System Analysis & Design, Modeling and Simulation, Cost Accounting

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Awards/Honours/Recognision                   : PhD (IIT-Kharagpur)

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International Journals

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National Journals

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International Conferences

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National Conferences

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Prof. R Sahu is a Professor at the institute. Dr. Sahu has done his PhD from IIT, Kharagpur after completing his M.Sc (Engg.) and MIM. He has been associated with the teaching profession for the past 20 years, and has been closely involved with industrial consultancy projects, and as an external Consultant for IIT, Kharagpur. Management Consultancy has been his forte. He has been associated with prestigious projects in the past, and has also published about 90 papers in his areas of proficiency and interest.

His primary areas of interest are Systems Approach to Management, Business Process Management, Business Analytics, e-Commerce, and IT enabled Services.

He is currently the Secretary of Systems Dynamics Society of India.