Name                                                        : Dr. Mahua Bhattacharya

Designation                                               :  Professor (Associate) (till joining 12.12.2006)

Degrees                                                     : Ph.D.(Tech), Univ of Calcutta , 2001 

                                                                    Place of work : Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta

                                                                    M.Tech. ( Radio Physics & Electronics) Univ. of Calcutta

                                                                   B.Tech (Radio Physics & Electronics) Univ. of Calcutta

                                                                   B.Sc. (Physics Hons. , Bethune College) Univ. of Calcutta


Details of Employment

  •  2006 Dec. – till date: Associate Professor

ABV Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Gwalior

  • August 2005 –  Nov 2006: Reader

Dept. of Computer Science & Engg. W. B. University of Technology

  • April 2003 – July 2005: Assistant Professor   

W.B.  University of Technology, Kolkata

  • December 2001 - March 2003: Assistant Professor

Indian  Institute of Information Technology, Calcutta

  • September 2000  – 2001 December  : Assistant  Professor 

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad 

  • August 1995  - August 2000: Research Scientist

Indian  Statistical  Institute  Calcutta

  • from 2003 –2006  : Visiting Faculty , Institute of Radio Physics & Electronics,  University of Calcutta.


Teaching Interests                                 :

Computer  Vision,  Computer  Graphics,   Image  Processing, Pattern Recognition, AI  and Soft Computing, Natural  Language  Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Signals and Systems, DBMS, Analog and Digital Communication, Human Computer Interface.

Research Interests  

Medical Image Processing, Data Mining, Image Security, Soft Computing. Computer Vision and Expert System Design, Bioinformatics, Speech Processing, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer  Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, Medical Image Analysis, Computer Vision in Agriculture, Study of Cell Morphology exposed in EMF Radiation.                                     :

Research projects  (Completed  and Undergoing) as Principal Investigator                                            :

  1.  Development of PC Based Software for Conventional X-ray Image Enhancement Using Image Processing Techniques Sponsor : Dept. of Science and Technology ( Ministry of Science and Technology , Govt. of India),   Status:  Completed
  2. Digital Watermarking of Videos Sponsor : Dept. of IT( Ministry of Information Technology , Govt. of India), Status: Completed
  3. CTI (computer telephony integration) based Call Centre Software In Collaboration with SM Telesys Ltd. Noida, Department  of Science and Industrial  Research, Govt. of India, Status: Completed
  4. Vision  Based  Expert  Systems  for  Vacuum  Picking  of  Cotton,  Department  of Science and Technology (Govt. of India), In collaboration  with CSIR-CMERI, Centre for excellence for Farm Machinery,   Ludhiana,  Status : Ongoing
  5. To  Study the Effect of EM Radiations on Biological  Cell / Tissues Using Non - Invasive Imaging  Techniques,  Department  of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology (Govt. of India) and Department of Telecommunication (DoT), Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology, (Govt. of India),  Status : Ongoing



  • National Scholarship   on the basis of Secondary  Exam. Results
  • Chameli  Basu  Award  for highest proficiency in Physics (Hons) Part I exam from the Bethune College Committee , Calcutta University,
  • National  Scholarship   on the basis of B.Sc Physics Honours  Results
  • Frank George Awards  UK (2000) for the paper  ‘Cybernetic Approach To Medical Technology : Application To Cancer Screening And Other Diagnostics’  WOSC – The World  Organisation Of Systems & Cybernetics)  UK, the millennium volume of ‘Kybernetes’, the International Journal of Systems  &  Cybernetics, August 2000.
  • Selected Member of Irish Pattern Recognition and Classification Society, 2006, UK, (Member body of International Association of Pattern Recognition and affiliated to International Federation of Classification Societies IFCS)
  • Session Chair in the Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Pune 17th -19th Dec. 2007, Name of the session: Classification and Pattern Recognition
  • Editorial Board Member for International  J of  Soft  Computing and Bioinformatics
  • Member of Review committee of IEEE Transactions on Engineering in Biology and Medicine Society, Information Sciences (Elsevier), Computerized Medical imaging and Graphics (Elsevier), Applied Soft Computing (Elsevier), Information Fusion (Elsevier), Computer Methods and Programs in biomedicine (Elsevier), Wiley Journals, J of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems-IOS Press, Neural Computing and Applications, Springer
  • Member of the Program Committee for Intl. Conference International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (AIPR-08),  7th  - 10th   July, Orlando, Florida, USA 2008
  • Co –Ordinator of  MHRD/ AICTE sponsored summer school at IIITM Gwalior on ”Computer Vision, Graphics & Multimedia CVGM -08”, 4th Aug. – 8th Aug. 2008.
  • Chairing Technical Session in NSC -08 (National Student Convention) organized by Computer Society of India, 22nd Aug 2008, Gwalior.
  •  Member of  Reviewer Committee for First International Conference on HCI ( Springer ), 20th -23rd Jan. 2009, Allahabad.
  • Member  of  Program Committee in International  Joint Conferences on Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Intelligent Computing, August 3-6, 2009, Shanghai, China.
  • Member of Program Committee in World Congress  on Nature and Biologically  Inspired   Computing  , Coimbatore, December, 2009.
  • Member Review committee for IEEE conf. on HCI , January 2010, Allahabad, India.
  • Convenor and Coordinator for Central India,  International Neural Network Society – INNS Central  India. since 2011.
  • Session Chair  in  World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Applied Computing (WorldComp 2011)  Las Vegas,  Nevada, USA, July, 2011,  Session: (a) Frameworks, Tools  and  Standards   (b) Learning  Tools  and  Strategies   Speaker for the papers : (a)  Curvelet Based Multi-Focus Medical Image Fusion Technique: Comparative Study With Wavelet  Based   Approach  (b) An Efficient Technique for Clustering High  Dimensional  Data  Set
  • International  Program Committee  member   IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine   IEEE  BIBM  Atlanta, USA,  2011.
  • In  International Advisory Committee  of IEEE TISC, Tamilnadu, 2011.
  • National  Advisory Committee, ADCONS 2011(Intl Conf. On Advanced Computing,        Networking and Security),  NIT  Suratkal, December, 2011.
  • Session Organizer and representation as  Expert  Panel  member in XXX meeting in IAN  ( Indian Academy  of  NeuroScience),  Amritsar,  27th Oct - 31st Oct,  2012., Title  of the session: Computational NeuroScience
  • Secretary and  Program Chair of , International  Symposium  on Computational  and Business Intelligence, 24th  -26th August, 2013, New Delhi (co sponsorer of INNS )
  • Program Committee member  IITM 2013 n Second International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Technologies and Multimedia (IITM-2013)(ACM and Springer), Allahabad
  • Reviewer  of IEEE Transaction on Biomedical  Engineering. 2013
  • Member of Technical Committee , BIT Mesra, 2013.
  • Member  Ph.D. Committee,  Manipal   University, 2013.
  • PC member PReMI 2013, ISI Calcutta
  • IEEE BIBM 2014 PC member and Session Chair, UK Belfast, Nov 2014
  • ISCBI 2013 Pogram Chair and Secretary
  • ISCMI 2014, Prgram Chair
  •  Reviewer of  Govt. funded  projects
  • Expert  Team  Member   Nominated  by Barkatullah University , Bhopal  to recommend research  centre for Management Studies, 2014.
  • PC member  IEEE BIBM 2015 Washington DC, USA


  • Work shop organizer IEEE BIBM 2015 title of the workshop :

Title of the  workshop:  Machine Learning in Decision Making for Biomedical Applications

  • International Neural Network Society (India Chapter), Coordinator North and Central 2012 till2015
  • International Neural Network Society (India Chapter) President 2016 onwards
  • Editorial board member for the journal Neural Computing and Applications (Springer)
  • Chairperson of the selection committee for SMDP program by Deity GOI, at ABV IIITM Gwalior.
  • Convenor and member of M Tech. Evaluation committee at ABV IIITM 2016.
  • Project Reviewer of  Sponsored projects
  • Reviewer journals, IEEE SMC, IEEE EMBC, IEEE journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics Neural Computing and Applications, Springer, Pattern Recognition Letters. Elsevier, Computers in Biology and Medicine, Elsevier, Applied Soft Computing, Elsevier, Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics Elsevier
  • Invitation as workshop organizer for IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, Shenzhen China 15 -18 Dec. 2016,

Title  of  the workshop: Computational Approach to Study the Molecular Cell morphology and DNA /RNA, Protein Structure


Keynote Lectures/ Innaugral Address /Invited & Expert Lecture   

  1. In the seminar on ‘Computers in Medical Technology’ Birla  industrial Museum and Science Association of Bengal , 1998,  Topic of the lecture : Cancer Screening Using Image Analysis
  2. Invited Lecture on ‘Bioinformatics and its prospects in India’ organized by Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers  (IETE,) 12-13March 2004, .Topic of the lecture : Development of  Intelligent System for Diagnosis  of Diseases Using Different Modality Imaging : A Challenge in Medical Technology
  3. Invited talk in  the Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology, Guwahati (Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India) for the workshop on  ‘Recent Trends and New Directions of Research in Cybernetics and Systems Theory’ , January 2004, Topic of the lecture : Knowledge Based Approach to Medical Image Processing
  4. Invited lecture in ‘Third International Conference of Applied Mathematics, Plovdiv , Bulgaria, 12th August - 18th August , 2006, Topic ‘New  Mathematical Approaches  to Study Abnormality  in Both Hard and Soft Tissue Regions for Therapeutic Planning’
  5. Lecture delivered at MHRD /AICTE sponsored Summer scho:ol on CVGM-08 at IIITM, 4th Aug. -8th Aug. 2008.
  6.  Invited  Talk  at, VECC  (Department of Atomic Energy, GOI ), Salt Lake, Kolkata 22nd April, 2009.     Topic  of Lecture: Medical  Image Processing: Case Studies  for Breast cancer Screening
  7. Invited  Speaker in  SWIC (Symposium on Intelligent Computing), September  , Bhubaneswar, 2011. Topic   of  Lecture: Artificial  Intelligence and  Medical  Technology
  8. Invited  Speaker  in  International  Workshop  FRUAA  (Fuzzy  Sets , Rough Sets,  Uncertainty Analysis   and Applications),   NIT Durgapur, November, 2011. Topic of Lecture:  Soft   Computing   Paradigm  for  Medical    Image   Analysis   in  Therapeutic      Planning
  9. Invited Speaker in IEEE TISC (Trendz  in  Information   Sciences   and  Computing),  Tamilnadu, Satyabama University. December, 2011. Topic   of  Lecture:  Computational   Aspects   of   Medical    Image   Analysis   for  Diagnostic  Procedures
  10. Invited   Speaker,  North  Maharastra  University  (16th – 17th Jan. 2012)   in  the  national seminar  on  sponsored   by  UGC   “ NLP and Image Processing” , Jalgaon,   Maharastra, 2012.   Topic   of  Lecture:  Aspects of Image Processing in Various Applications  
  11. Invited  Speaker, KPIT Cummins, Pune 3rd Feb.  2012.
  12. Key note speech  in the Intl conf. on Electronics , comm. & Instrumentation 6th April, 2012, SR Group of colleges, Jhasi
  13. Invited Speaker 8th Biyani International Conference , Sept. 2013, Jaipur  Rajasthan. Topic:  Detection  of  Breast  Cancer”
  14. Expert Lecture on  “ Applcation on Soft computing”  sponsored  by UGC at Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, February, 2014
  15. Invited talk  at  Jiwaji University, School of  Mathematics  at 2nd National Women Conference  2015 on  ˜Women in Science  Promoting Excellence and Innovation for Future  Development” on March 25-27, 2015.  sponsored  by UGC,  Topic of the talk : Computer  Assisted  Procedure for   Detection  of  Breast  Cancer : A  Threat  to  Women   Health.
  16. Expert lecture at RGTU, Bhopal  on  UGC sponsored TEQIP .30th April, 2015, “Artificial Intelligence & Soft Computing Techniques” Under TEQIP Phase II (28th April- 02nd May 2015)Organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University Institute of Technology, Rajiv  Gandhi  Proudyogiki  Vishwavidyalaya  (State Technological University of Madhya Pradesh), Bhopal – 462033.
  17. Speaker IEEE BIBM 2015, Washington DC, Nov
  18. Speaker, Anchor ISCMI 2015, Hongkong
  19. Speaker in the Internationa Workshop – “For Research On  The  Possible Impact Of EMF Radiation  Exposure From  Mobile Towers And Handsets”,  under the mission mode project,  Govt. of  India  

    April 8-9, 2016, IIT Delhi,  Title of the speech:  Study  The  Effect  Of   Electromagnetic  Radiations  On  Biological  Cell  / Tissues Using   Computational Techniques  of  Image  Analysis.

  20. Expert Lecture in the Intl. workshop “Public Health and Mobile Technologies: Latest Scientific Evidence”  : Part of  Cell Tower Radiation Program at IIT Delhi, 23-25th March, 2017


Ph. D.  Thesis Supervision   


1 A. Das,

Title of the thesis: Some Studies on Medical Image Processing Methods and Their Implementation

  1. D. S. Rajput,

Title  of  the  thesis :  Novel  and  Robust  Methods for Clustering High  Dimensional Dataset

JS : P K Singh

  1. P  Rana

the Title  of thesis: A Qualitative Study of  Protein Structure using Psychiochemical Properties

JS  A Shukla

  1. S  Deiv:   

Title  of  the  thesis:  Design and Development Of Speaker Adaptation for Automatic Speech Recognition  

JS  G K Sharma


  1. M Kashyap

Title  of  the  thesis:  Medical Image Registration by Locating Reliable Landmarks and Constructing Robust Region Descriptors   

On going

  1. R Sankar

Title of the Thesis : Expert  system design for classification  of  tumor lesions  using  diagnostic  imaging

  1. M Sharma

Title  of the thesis: Tentative –Medical Image Fusion

Nearing Submission

 K Pal 

Title of the thesis: Security  Aspects  of  Medical  Image  Analysis Using Digital Watermarking  Techniques


M Tech Thesis  Supervision:  102 +  till date


In Charge  of  Research  Laboratory:

  • Visual   Information Processing  Lab

This   lab provides facilities  for IPG , M Tech students  for  practical classes, execution of  project and research works

  • Medical Informatics  Lab:

This  lab  is  equipped   with infrastructure  for  execution of external funded projects,  and  research   projects.   The lab is used by the M Tech and Ph.D. scholars  and also by the project  scientists. 


Abroad   Visit   as speaker , Session Chair  and  other academic  assignments 

  • 2006, October Bulgaria  as Invited Speaker
  • 2008 , Hawai. Honolulu, USA IEEE MIC 2008  as  Contributory Speaker
  • 2010,  Hongkong,  IEE BIBM 2010, December  as  Contributory Speaker
  • 2011,  Nevada, July, USA, Worldcomp 2011   as  Session Chair and Speaker
  • 2013   Nevada, July USA, WorldComp 2013   as  Session Chair and Speaker
  • 2014    Belfast, November , UK, IEEE BIBM 2014   as   Session Chair  and  Speaker
  • 2015    Washington  DC, USA,  IEE BIBM 2015as workshop organizer, session chair and speaker, November
  • 2015   Hongkong  ISCMI 2015, as organizer, session chair, speaker, co ordinator INNS India  Chapter, November


Consulting and Administrative Positions


  1. External Examiner : University of Calcutta, WB
  2. External Examiner : Indian Institute of Information Technology-Allahabad , UP
  1. Member Executive Council, West Bengal University of Technology
  1. Engineering College Inspector under West Bengal University of Technology
  2. Member of AICTE expert team as university representative of West Bengal University of Technology
  1. Educationist Member of “Vidyalaya Management Committee” of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghathan,   KV1, Salt Lake , Kolkata, West Bengal.
  2. External examiner of Chattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University.
  3. Academic Senate member ABV IIITM Gwalior
  4. Warden, Girls’ Hostel, Gangotri, ABV-IIITM, since Aug. 2010.
  5.  Coodinator  M Tech 
  6.  Convenor M Tech thesis evaluation committee



  • Member of Irish Pattern Recognition and Classification Society
  • Member of the coordinating Network of National Brain Research Centre
  • Member International Association of Pattern recognition (IAPR)
  • Member of Indian Society for Fuzzy Mathematics and Information Processing (ISFUMIP)
  • Life  Member  of  Indian  Academy  of  Neuroscience (IAN)


Publication  in  Peer  Reviewed  International  Journal  


 1. Arpita Das,  Mahua Bhattacharya,  “ Study   on   Neuro-Degeneration   at   Different   Stages  Using   MR  Images :  Computational   Approach    to    Registration   Process   with    Optimization  Techniques” ,  in  Computer  Methods  in  Biomechanics  and  Biomedical  Engineering: Imaging & Visualization, Taylor and Francis, (IF 1.85). vol. 5, no. 3, pp: 165–182, 2017.

 2. Nagaraju,  Manish Kashyap,  Mahua Bhattacharya, “An Effective Density Based  Approach  to Detect Complex  Data  Clusters Using  Notion  of   Neighborhood  Difference"  International Journal  of  Automation  and  Computing, Springer , (Special Issue on Emergent Control and Computing Techniques for Industrial Applications), 14(1), February,  pp: 57-67, 2017.

 3. Manish Kashyap , Mahua Bhattacharya, “A density invariant approach to clustering”, Neural Comput & Applications, Springer , 2016,  DOI 10.1007/s00521-015-2145-z  (IF 1.57).

4. Manish Kashyap & Mahua Bhattacharya, “ Blur robust extremal region-based interest points for medical image registration”,  Pattern Analysis and Applications, Springer ( published on line, June 2016 ), 2016 (IF 1.104).

 5. Manish Kashyap  &  Mahua Bhattacharya,  “ Detectors  and  Descriptors  for  Registration of Illumination Varying, Globally Distorted Images”  International   Journal  of  Computers and Applications,  Taylor and Franscis, (Special Issue on Computational Intelligence and Communications),  (published online 4th Aug.), 2016 .

 6. P S  Rana,   Mahua  Bhattacharya ,  A Shukla,  “Quality assessment of modelled protein structure   using    physicochemical  properties”,   Journal  of   Bioinformatics   and   Computational  Biology, World Scientific, Vol 13, issue 2  (imperial college press, ), (DOI: 10.1142/S0219720015500055) 2015, (IF : 0.931).

 7. Arpita  Das and Mahua  Bhattacharya,  “Development  of  CAD  System  for  Analysis  of  Vague  Set  theory based  Contrast Enhancement Technique  in  Mammograms”   in International Journal of Hybrid Intelligent Systems | , IOS press,  vo.11, No.4 , pp  227-240, 2014.

 8. Dharmveer  Singh  Rajput,  P. K. Singh and  Mahua Bhattacharya, “PROFIT: A Projected Clustering Technique”  Annals of Information Systems,  Springer- Switzerland, vol. 17, pp: 51-70, 2015

 9. S Koley,  K.Pal, G.Ghosh, Mahua Bhattachaya, “ Secure Transmission and Recovery of Embedded Patient Information from Biomedical Images of Different Modalities through a Combination of Cryptography and Watermarking” ,  Intl. . J  of . Image,  Graphics  and  Signal  Processing,  vol. 6, issue 4, pp:  18-31, 2014.

 10. S.Rana, S. k. Jain, Mahua Bhattacharya, A. Shukla, “Structure stability analysis of Nin(n=2-22) using Nature Inspired Algorithms: A performance study”,  International  J of Advanced Intelligence Paradigns, Indrscience , Vol 5, No.1 pp: 16-33, 2013.


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  1. Mahua Bhattacharya  and   M.  Chandana,  “Analytical  Assessment  of  Intelligent  Segmentation   Techniques   For    Cortical  Tissues  of  MR  Brain  Images: A  Comparative Study”  Artificial  Intelligence  Review, Springer, Vol.37, No.1, pp: 69-81, (IF 2.111)


  1. Mahua   Bhattacharya,  Arpita  Das, Chanda  M.,  “GA  Based  Multiresolution  Fusion  of Segmented Brain Images Using PD, T1 and T2 Weighted MR Modalities” in Neural Computing and  Applications,  Springer ,  Vol 21,  No.6,   pp: 1433–1447,   (IF 1.569)


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