List of provisionally shortlisted candidates for PhD (full-time) admission test - revised

List of provisionally shortlisted candidates for PhD (full-time) admission test

Following is the list of provisionally shortlisted candidates for PhD entrance examination. This is based on the data provided by the applicants and subjected to verification at appropriate time.

Please note the following with respect to the selection process:

  • The written examination will be on July 11, 2021 (Sunday) at 11 AM. It will be on online mode and of qualifying in nature. The duration of the examination will be of 45 Minutes. Interviews for the qualifying candidates will be held on July 12-13, 2021.
  • The details of online platform and modalities will be informed on your registered email address. The same will be posted on Institute website also.
  • The written test will consist of 30 questions. All the questions will be from quantitative/logical aptitude. The examination will contain multiple choice questions, each having four options.
  • The shortlisted candidates after the written test are required to make a power-point presentation as per the following details:
    • Name of file: Form ID.ppt (Example IT-2020-21-293.ppt)
    • Slide 1: Name, Academic Credentials (Under Graduate and Post Graduate etc.), Experience (in academics/industry/R&D etc.)
    • Slide 2-3: Proposed area of research with source of motivation and related work done (if any) earlier.
    • Slide 4-7: Highlight the proposed area of research with conceptual/ analytical/ methodological briefings.
    • Slide 8-10: Some light on possible deliverables/References/Related published work (if any). Any additional information to strengthen your claims.
  • Note: The maximum number of slides must be limited to 10 and limited to 15 Minutes.
  • The final selection of the candidates will be based on career, qualifying written test and presentation-cum-interview.
  • Please visit the Institute website for any updates.


Table 1: Provisionally shortlisted candidates for full-time PhD programme

S.No. Application ID Discipline Name
1. AS-2021-22-316 Applied Sciences KAJAL SHARMA
2. AS-2021-22-154 Applied Sciences VAIBHAV AGRAWAL
3. AS-2021-22-284 Applied Sciences GAURAV KASHYAP
4. AS-2021-22-289 Applied Sciences GOBINDA DEBNATH
5. AS-2021-22-302 Applied Sciences SUSHMITA MANDAL
6. AS-2021-22-357 Applied Sciences SHUBHAM SHARMA
7. AS-2021-22-180 Applied Sciences AMLAN DATTA
8. AS-2021-22-322 Applied Sciences SUMIT MODANWAL
9. AS-2021-22-097 Applied Sciences SEEMA MOURYA
10. EN-2021-22-6 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) LOKESH SONI
11. EN-2021-22-17 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) VINOD AGARAWAL
12. EN-2021-22-81 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) RAGINI VERMA
13. EN-2021-22-94 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) PUNEET HIMTHANI
14. EN-2021-22-33 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) SHEFALI GOEL
15. EN-2021-22-71 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) PRIYANKA SHARMA
16. EN-2021-22-26 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) ANVESH PARASHAR
17. EN-2021-22-161 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) VIVEK KUMAR
18. EN-2021-22-170 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) PRAVEEN MODI
19. EN-2021-22-227 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) TARUN KUMAR
20. EN-2021-22-250 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) HEMLATA ARYA
21. EN-2021-22-276 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) MUZAFAR AHMAD WANI
22. EN-2021-22-303 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) RAM SHIROMANI GUPTA
23. EN-2021-22-285 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) GANESHKUMAR M
24. EN-2021-22-335 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) HARSHVARDHAN KUMAR
25. EN-2021-22-306 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) AMIT KUMAR GUPTA
26. EN-2021-22-333 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) MANSI GUPTA
27. EN-2021-22-296 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) TANVIKA GARG
28. EN-2021-22-353 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) DEVESH KUMAR
29. EN-2021-22-12 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) JAI PRAKASH KUSHWAHA
30. EN-2021-22-136 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) PRANJALI SINGH
31. EN-2021-22-313 Engineering (Disciplines: CS/IT/ECE) PAVAN SHARMA
32. MG-2021-22-193 Management SIDDHARTH NIGAM
33. MG-2021-22-194 Management MADHURI CHOUHAN

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