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 List of Ongoing projects 17-18

S.No. Name of Project P.I. Sponsoring Agency
1 MultiMobile Agent System based Train Operations under Moving Block Dr. Kiran Kumar Pattanaik MCIT, DIT, New Delhi
2 Sociology of Social Network Sites Dr. Pradip Swarankar ICSSR, New Delhi
3 IT enabled village resource Center (GURVE) Dr. Anurag Srivastava State Planning Commission, Bhopal
4 Speech Based Access of Agricultural Commodity Prices & Weather Information in 12 Indian Languages Dialects (ASR) Consortium - Phase II, Prof. Anupam Shukla  DeITY, MCIT, New Delhi
5 Multi Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks in Tracking & Surveillance, Prof. Anupam Shukla  DeITY, MCIT, New Delhi
6 Web enabled Electronic Personal Medicine Administrator for Elderly Dr. Kiran Kumar Pattanaik DST, Seed Division, New Delhi
7 Ab-initio investigation of structural and electronic properties of Zn(Cd)-VI Nanowires Dr. Anurag Srivastava MST, DST, New Delhi
8 Ab-initio investigation of structural and electronic and Optical properties of B(In)-V Nanowires Dr. Anurag Srivastava DAE, BRNS, Mumbai
9 Exploitation and conservation of forestry resources using mathematical models. Ms. Manisha Chaudhary
Dr. Joydeep Dhar
MST, DST, New Delhi
10 Identification of person using Android Operating System Dr. Karmveerv Arya MST, DST, New Delhi
11 Developing a Model for Relationship Management using Holistic Approach : Investigations into Indian Industries   ICSSR, New Delhi
12 Ab-initio study of Mn-doped II-VI and III-V semiconducting Nanowires Dr. Pankaj Srivastava SERB, New Delhi
13 Interfacing Ad-hoc Mobile Networks with IP Mobile Systems Prof. Shashikala Tapaswi UGC/UK funded Project
14 Vision Based Expert System Design for Cotton Plucking Dr. Mahua Bhattacharya CSIR, New Delhi
15 To study the effect of electromagnetic radistion on biological cell /tissues Blood cell using Non invasive imaging Dr. Mahua Bhattacharya DST , New Delhi
16 Special Manpower Development Programme for chips to system Design Prof. G K Sharma DeITY/MCIT
17 ISEA Phase - II Prof. Shashikala Tapaswi DeITY New Delhi
18 Visvesvaraya Phd Scheme Prof. G K Sharma DeITY New Delhi
19 Newton Bhabha Phd Placement Programme to Mr Mohanned Fakurdeen Prof. Shashikala Tapaswi DST NEW DELHI
20 DST-UKEIRI UK Funded Project Dr Gyan Prakash DST ,New Delhi
21 Technology Incubation & Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE) in the areas of Electronics and ICT Dr. Anurag Srivastava MCIT, DIT, New Delhi
22 Complexity and its control in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems   Dr. Anuraj Singh  SERB,New Delhi
23 Theoretical Investigations of Hazardous gas Adsorption on antimonene Nanoribbons  Dr. Pankaj Srivastava  SERB,New Delhi
24 Start-up Centre Newfangled  Prof Rajendra Sahu Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
25 Establishing a Business Incubator for promoting the Development and Growth of SMEs at Malawi Project  Prof Rajendra Sahu MEA,NEW DELHI
26 Elder Abuse : A Comparative Study In Delhi , Mathura and Gwalior DR Naval Bajpai ICSSR ,New Delhi
27 IIITMG CARS 2016  Dr Gyan Prakash DRDO-NPOL ,KOCHI
28 Wireless Sensor In Network Distributed Detection Mechanisma for Structural Health Monitoring in Civil Structures  Dr K K Pattanaik DST and MSTR (Srilanka)
29 Development of a smart monitoring system for health and oestrous of dairy cows in remote location  Dr Prasenjit Chanak DST,New Delhi
30 Design and performance evaluation of 2D Materials in MOS Devices for low power VLSI application DR Subhra Dhar DST,New Delhi


Name of the Lab

Sponsored Project Lab


E- 203

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M.Tech and B.Tech Projects

Hardware in the Lab:


20 P4 PC’s


Printer and Scanner

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Mobile Codec Designing


Expert System for Biometrics






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Dr. Anupam Shukla

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