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ABV-IIITM being a premier IT and management institute lays special emphasis on M. Tech programmes. Post graduate study course is designed to address the demands of present generation digital world either in the form of academics or corporate engagements.

In keeping with the vision of ‘Global Excellence in Knowledge Economy’ the institute has devised teaching and research programmes that focus on different technological, industrial and commercial domains. Study courses are designed so as to offer solutions in a scenario of emerging technologies in local, regional, national and international levels.

This is a 4-semester program ideally completed in two years leading to M.Tech degree. Candidates pursuing M.Tech degree are entitled to monthly stipend payable as per Ministry of Education, Govt. of India norms and subject to fulfilling academic requirements as set by ABV-IIITM from time to time.   


The objective of this post graduate course is to create experts and professionals in information technology with a view on developing skills that are able to match the demands of the complexities of present generation IT industry. Under present circumstances it is essential to have technologies that are sharp and purposeful. Our M.Tech program is aimed at developing experts with foci on technical capabilities and managerial abilities. 

Focus areas

ABV-IIITM offers 4-semsester M.Tech programs, ideally completed in two years, in areas of:

•    M Tech. Digital Communication
•    M Tech. Computer Networks
•    M Tech. VLSI (Very large scale integration)
•    M Tech. Information security

The first two semesters are dedicated for course work while the reminder two semesters are meant for thesis assignments.  

M. Tech Digital Communication

Fundamentally this area focuses on different forms of digital communication either in form of mobile phones, e-mails, or video broadcasts. The essence of this course lies in digitisation of information and its high speed transmission using minimum power and in minimum time. Students have the opportunity to excel in either R &D or industrial set ups as per choice. Wireless and mobile communication, Networking, Error control, and Advanced Communication techniques are areas of expertise under this category.

  • Faculty members of this stream include: Prof. Aditya Trivedi, Dr. K. V. Arya, Prof. S. Tapaswi and Dr. Wilfred Godfrey.
  • Communication Systems laboratory in room C-115 and Data Communication laboratory in room C-003are dedicated for research in this area of specialization. Qualnet, MATLAB, DSP Tool, EXATA, and Labview are the software tools available in the labs.
  • M.Tech graduates in this field could are typically absorbed by Amdocs, Infosys, KPIT Cummins, NTO, and TCS.

M. Tech Computer Networks

This specialized area is aimed at developing an analytical understanding of different forms of communication and synchronizing them with computer networks. This programme is directed at creating a logical understanding of latest networking technologies and their applications. Issues pertaining to LAN, WAN, Wireless Sensor networks, Data Centre networks, Soft computing and optimization are focussed upon in this field of specialization.

  • Faculty members of this stream include: Dr. P. K. Singh, Prof. Anupam Shukla, Prof. S. Tapaswi, Prof. Aditya Trivedi, Dr. K. K. Pattanaik, Dr. J. Dhar and Dr. Ajay Kumar
  • Advanced Networking laboratory in room D-203, Wireless Sensor Network laboratory in room A-116, and Evolutionary Computation and Data Mining laboratory in room D-203 are used for research in this programme.
  • Software tools used include: IRIS and TelosB notes, Peryton SDK, Peryton Script, Peryton Analyzer, Qualnet, and Opnet Modeller.
  • Aujas Networks, HCL, Infosys, KPIT Cummins, and TCS are among the leading placement providers to Post Graduates in this discipline. 

M. Tech VLSI – Very Large Scale Integration

VLSI under M. Tech aims at exploring areas in system designing including algorithms, system architecture, hardware description languages, physical designing, simulation and synthesis, and verification or testing techniques. These skills are essential for solutions that are fast, reliable, and performance intensive.

  • Prof G. K. Sharma, Dr. A. Srivastava, Dr. P. Srivastava, Dr. W. Godfrey, and Dr. Manisha Patanaik comprise the faculty of this stream.
  • VLSI Design laboratory in room C-103, and Digital Logic Design laboratory in room no C-203 are dedicated for research in this area of specialization. Tanner Tool, Xilinx, Silvaco Device Simulator, and Cadence University package are software tools used research in these laboratories.
  • Cadence, CG Corel El, HCL, ST Microelectronics, and Wipro are among the major recruiters of candidates acquiring M. Tech in this area.

M. Tech Information Security

In this era of extensive data transmission and sharing over telecommunication and computing network involves the risk of data manipulation, damage, piracy, and even blackmailing. Under such a situation it is vital to secure information from any or all such threats. This area of specialization focuses on areas of cryptography, security testing and security management.

  • Faculty members in this specialized field include Dr. K.V. Arya, Prof. S. Tapaswi, Dr. Ashoke Talukdar, Prof. A. Trivedi, Dr. J. Dhar, Dr. Ritu Tiwari and Dr. Ajay Kumar.
  • Researches in this field of M. Tech are conducted in Information Security laboratory in room D-201, and Secured Computing laboratory in room C-006. Exata, MALTA, and Ns-2 are software tools used for research in these laboratories.
  • Leading job opportunity providers include HCL, Infosys, KPIT Cummins, NTRO, SISA and TCS. 

Admission to this course is through CCMT (Centralised Counselling for M. Tech) based on GATE score.

Fees (Likely to be revised)

  • All fees are subject to change without notification and at the discretion of the institute.
  • SC/ST candidates are exempt from tuition fees only.
  • Being a completely residential institute hostel room charges and hostel mess fees are compulsorily payable by all students.
  • Fees are payable in the form of DD payable to ‘Director, ABV-IIITM, Gwlaior’ or through bank challans deposited at Bank of India, IIITM Branch, Gwalior.

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